what we do: we question all assumptions

We specialize in design and development of consumer and enterprise products. Our core competencies are Product design, Brand Strategy, Packaging and UX design with a focus in virtual and augmented reality interfaces. We welcome you to experience the world of Pip Tompkin.

services + expertise

insight research

We study user’s behaviors to identify trends and validate brand objectives to find out the right opportunities for your enterprise.

brand strategy

We use a brand’s global story to create a unique brand language that evolves and adapts to changing trends.

packaging & POS design

Utilizing the latest user behavioral research, we create storytelling opportunities for our clients to best showcase their brand and products at a point of sale.

product development

From inception to implementation, we manage every step in a product's life, while working closely with our clients' internal teams.

portfolio management

For clients with an array of products, we implement a cohesive strategy across a family of products to articulate the company's vision, and strengthen its brand identity.

ui/ux user integration

We create intuitive user interactions that seamlessly harmonize physical and digital experiences across a brand ecosystem.

assume nothing

e ≠ mc²

If e did not equal mc , it would bring into question all scientific discoveries since. When developing a new design solution, we revisit the product’s core beliefs in order to avoid a chain of misguided assumptions, and to uncover overlooked possibility.

design that learns

Trends, user behavior and market expectations are continually in flux. We scruitinize every decision to create products and experiences that learn from yesterday, surpass the expectations of today, and evolve with the needs of tomorrow.

avoid the ‘-ers’

We are often asked to make products smaller, bigger, thinner, cheaper and faster. This makes a linear, predictable business strategy. To break the usual patterns, we must avoid the ‘ers.’ We place people and trends at the center of our process to discover paradigm shifts that unlock product potentials.

the big idea

no big idea is a bad idea

All products today need a Big Idea to be innovative and connect with users in meaningful ways. In today’s competitive business climate, not having a Big Idea is a bad idea.

big idea ecosystem

We make sure the Big Idea is present in every aspect of the product’s life. From messaging, branding and packaging to POS and UX, the Big Idea completes the product story, and allows us to envision the bigger purpose.

take the risk

Taking no risk is the biggest risk. We don’t need to win the heat, we want to win the race. At every step, we question the status quo and take necessary risks to unlock a product’s true potential.

our values


We make bold choices with a fearless mind. Our brave attitude allows us to be more creative, and tap into innovation from the start of the design process.


We communicate thoughtful ideas in the most authentic way. We refine our designs to their purest form and create products that are effortlessly simple, beautifully sophisticated.


Ask “what if?” and go beyond the expected. We explore great ideas regardless of their source. We are a flat studio that supports ideas from all directions, and from all levels.